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The Business Career of Cameron Poetzscher

September 23, 2017

Over a very long period of time, Cameron Poetzscher has managed to play a key role with a great number of complex transactions, including many high-profile mergers and acquisitions. Therefore, is should not be surprising that Uber chose him to move its corporate development forward as their Head of Corporate Development. Much of his career has been focused on technology and his clients have included many industry leaders and innovators. Cameron Poetzscher also has considerable experience working with many companies in a variety of business sectors and his experience has been international in scope, having worked on deals on five continents.
Cameron Poetzscher
For years prior to his establishment as a critical executive at Uber, Cameron Poetzscher made a significant contribution to the business world throughout a 17-year stint with Goldman Sachs as a prominent specialist in global investment. There, he was able to provide investment guidance to many high-profile companies and he also learned a lot about how they worked. Cameron also is well-educated, with a MBA from Harvard Business School as well as experience as a HBS finance faculty member who conducted research and case-writing in many complex financial areas.