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What Uber Exec Cameron Poetzscher Knows About Business

March 18, 2017

As it stands now, Cameron Poetzscher serves as Uber’s Head of Corporate Development. Given that Uber is one of the most visible tech companies in the world and the king when it comes to ride sharing, one would assume they would be fairly choosy when deciding on an executive, and they chose Cameron. The choice was likely due to his proven experience with dealmaking, finance and operations with businesses of all types. due to his proven finance, operational and deal-making experience.

It also started with education. Cameron Poetzscher obtained an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School. Not satisfied with that, he spent another year on the HBS Finance Faculty, where he performed research and did some case-writing on a variety of complex financial subjects. Since then, Cameron has had a long career, full of a wide variety of experience. Most of it has been spent helping many large and iconic companies make the best business decisions possible. Over his career, he has developed an excellent reputation as a problem solver, as well as for his tendency to accomplish the most and do his best work under the most stressful and challenging situations.